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Guzzifan - Moto Guzzi Fan - site

Moto Guzzi accessories 

Exhausts / mufflers:



Busso silencers (Loop-frame & Tonti-Guzzi, V7 Classic-III)

Dominator Exhaust Systems

Exan Exhaust


HP Corse

Ipothesys, Castel Mella




Mass Moto

mivv exhausts


QD Exhaust, former Quat-D

Storm exhausts (part of mivv-exhausts - group)




Keihan Systems



GT-Rx / GTM by GTMotoCycle (Guzzitech)




Penzl-Bikes (Custom-exhausts for Guzzi V7)

SR-Racing (Custom-exhausts for Tonti &  V11-Guzzis)





The Netherlands:

Bos exhausts (part of Zard-group)



Verex motorcycle exhausts (Guzzi V85)


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New & improved Y-exhaust crossover for Guzzi Norge 2V/4V - OEM-part is out of stock!

Y-crossover for Guzzi Norge 1200 2V by Mistral, Italy

Mistral Y-Crossover - Guzzi Norge 1200 2VMistral Y-Crossover - Guzzi Norge 1200 2V

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Y-crossover for Guzzi Norge 1200 2V by GT MotoCycles, USA

Y-crossover for Guzzi Norge 1200 2V by GT MotoCyclesY-crossover for Guzzi Norge 1200 2V by GT MotoCycles

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 Dell'Orto carburators:





Dellorto Shop


Electrics / ignition/regulator / charge controller etc:

--> see page  "Guzzi tuning, codes, infos & tips"


Electronic carb balancer/throttle body synchronizer:


Twinmax Carb Balancer (for carbs)



Carbmate TS-110 (for carbs or throttle valves)

available from:

MG CycleAmazonDennis Kirk


All metal in-tank fuel filters (to avoid separation from regular/ethanol fuel):


GTMotoCycles - all metal in-tank fuel filter


Rocker cover bolts:


Lincoln Eagle Engineering


Alu petrol tanks and breadbox seats:


The Tank Shop


Tank protection pads and film covers / alloy wheels:






bike it

see also their offers on ebay and amazon

LED-Headlight / daylight / bulp:

Germany & round the world:

LED & fog lights:

Koso LED --> Louis

Koso LED--> ebay

Denali Electronics

Denali --> Motorcycle InnovationsProduct list Denali --> popular are Denali S4/D4 LED-lights

Rigid Industries - LED Lighting --> Spot/flood LED-auxiliary lights for Guzzi V85, type: E-Mark D-Series Dually Spot or the smaller type "Ignite" Spot oder Flood, available as bike-kit (see pic below).

Rigid "Ignite" - bike kitRigid "Ignite" - bike kit

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

LED light bulbs and HID conversion kits for Guzzi: 

ADVmonster --> LED-light bulb with 3 cerbs, model "Native H4R2", replaces the old halogen H4 bulb

ADVmonster - Native H42RADVmonster - Native H42R

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Auxito H4 9003 --> LED-light bulb with 3 carbs model "Auxito H4 9003" for Guzzi Cali EV & Centauro V10, replaces the old halogen H4 bull

Auxito H4 9003 - LED-light bulbAuxito H4 9003 - LED-light bulb


Classic Car LEDs

ledperf --> LEDs from Cree USA for V7, Bellagio, Cali

Cyclops Adventure Sports --> 10.0 H4 LED headlight bulb for Carc-Guzzis




Info LED light bulbs: 

--> Typ P43T, round with 3 cerbs --> Tonti-Guzzis, V7, Cali II-EV, Bellagio, Grios, V11

--> Typ P45T, bigger than the model P43T, no cerbs, round --> it takes an adapter/conversion kit for the existing headlight (Breva 1100/1200) 


HD-LED for Guzzi V7, Cali II-EV, Griso, V11:


J.W.Speaker --> the 7" headlight module fits the oem-casing from Guzzi V7 III, V9, Cali 1400 Audace

J.W. Speaker headlight module - Guzzi V7 III J.W. Speaker headlight module - Guzzi V7 III

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Highsider --> 7" LED headlight unit/module --> Louis

Guzzi V7 III with Highsider 7 inch LED headlight unit, LTD type 8 with daylight and turn lightGuzzi V7 III with Highsider 7 inch LED headlight unit, LTD type 8 with daylight and turn light

Pic: Guzzi V7 III with Highsider 7" inch LED headlight unit (LED-module with casing), LTD type 8 with daylight and turn light

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Delaman 16cm/6.5" LED headlight module--> Amazon

Delaman LED headlight moduleDelaman LED headlight module

   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Denali M7 7" LED headlight module --> Denali Electronics, eBay 

Denali M7 LED headlight moduleDenali M7 LED headlight module



Please note: --> the Denali M7 does NOT fit the oem-casing from the Guzzi V7 III, V9, Cali 1400 Audace. Please order the casing separately.


For safety reasons, do not mix a strong LED light bulb with an existing halogen headlight as the reflector can't stand the enormous heat of the LED bulb - unless it has moderate power. So if you want to have the ultimate nighttime visibility and best visibility to oncoming traffic during daylight hours, a LED sealed beam unit/kit would be necessary. 


For the installation of 7-inch LED-lights you may need a bigger light casing as the original/oem one is too small. Check the headlight size of your Guzzi, see below, and the corresponding LED headlight.
Example for a separate casing: LED-casing Guzzi V7 III from Ledperf, diameter casing 200 mm.  

Easiest is to get a complete LED headlight unit, this contains a consealed LED-lamp-headlight module with casing and carrier. 


A specialist for older Quartz halogen and newer LED-lights is Paul Goff from England. A good source for older Guzzis. Link to his website: Paul Goffs classic motorcycle & electrical parts site


Classic front & rear lights:

Baak Motocyclettes, Lyon




Original Guzzi front light-dimensions:

Diameter glass 170 mm, casing 190 mm: 
Guzzi Breva 750, V11, Griso, Nevada, V7 Classic/Cafe, V7 I & II, Daytona RS

Diameter glass 180mm, casing 200 mm: 
Guzzi Cali EV, Cali Alu/Titanium, Cali Special/Special Sport/Alu, Cali Stone/Jackal, Cali Classic/Touring/Vintage, Cali II & III, V75 PA N, Centauro V10

Diameter glass ?? mm, casing 195 mm:
Guzzi V7 III, V9, Cali 1400 Audace

Diameter glass 180 mm, casing 200 mm: 
Guzzi V7 850 GT & Ambassador

Diameter glass 190 mm, casing 210 mm: 
Guzzi Breva 850-1200, Sport 1200


Turn signals / mirrors / electric goodies (push buttons, sensors, plug connectors, relays, signal converters): 

Germany & round the world:



motogadget, Berlin

rizoma --> for catalogue see rizomanext.com


Tank bags / tank belts/straps / panniers / soft/semi rigid bags / racks / topcase / stands / engine guard / crash bar / handguards / navigation mounts:



Lone Rider - Adventure motorcycle touring & camping gear




RWN Moto - Moto Guzzi Online Shop


The Netherlands:

TLM Moto Guzzi



Oxford Products, Witney




Baak Motocyclettes, Lyon (Tank belts Guzzi V7)


Legend Motos Lille (V7 tank belts)




Givi soft bags MT501Givi soft bags MT501

Givi soft bags MT501 & Guzzi V7 IIIGivi soft bags MT501 & Guzzi V7 III

 Pics: Soft bags Givi MT501 - 18 liters, mounted on Guzzi V7 III


Moto Guzzi original accessories

Area Moto (Tank bags (FAMSA, panniers/boxes, top case)

Kappa (Panniers, bags, topcase, windshields)

Kappa K22/Givi E22 side-case - Guzzi V7 IIIKappa K22/Givi E22 side-case - Guzzi V7 III

 Pic: Side-case Kappa K22/Givi E22 - 22 liters, for Guzzi V7 III, V9


Simonelli Moto (Tank bags, crash bars)

South Garage, Milano (Guzzi V7)

magazzinirossi (accessories for V7, V9, Breva 750, Griso, Cali 1100/1400, Bellagio, Nevada, Norge, Stelvio)

Motorama (Tank bags, bags, boxes, screens, fairings, lights)

My Tech Accessories (TT-accessories, bags, boxes)

Valeri Sport (tank bags (FAMSA), saddle bags, screens, lights)



MGV7 Parts (V7 tank belts)

Viejos Pistones (TT-accessories, bags, boxes)



Giant Loop Moto - Soft luggage for motorcycles & dirt bikes

Kriega (Saddlebags, adventure & tt-bags)

Lone Rider - Adventure motorcycle touring & camping gear

Mosko Moto (Panniers/hardbags, saddle bags, tank bags)

Moto Machines (Panniers/hardbags, boxes, tank bags, crash bars, racks)

Nelson-Rigg (Bags, moto covers, raingear) 

RKA-Motorcycle Luggage (Bags, moto covers, acessories)

Vikingbags (Saddlebags, panniers/hardbags for Guzzi Cali)

Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage (Panniers, saddle bags, tank bags, outdoor gear)


Hard bag manufacturers for  HD/Guzzi Cali:

Mutazu Motorcycle Accessories, San Leandro, CA

National Cycle, Maywood, IL


Custom leather seats / solo seats / side bags / saddle bags / tool bags / tank belts (Guzzi V7/V9):


Bags & Bike, Tarquinia

Max Cuio, San Gillio (Custom-solo seats, saddle bags)

Franco Cuoio, Palermo (Saddle bags, rack bags, tool bags)

LeatherLab - Maurizio Fortuna, Bari (Saddle bags, tank belts)

Moto Guzzi Garage by MG Mandello del Lario

South Garage, Milano (Seats, saddle bags, tank belts)



Alain Cuir, Correns (Saddle bags, tool bags, mudguard belts)

Baak Motocyclettes, Lyon (Seats, saddle bags)

Les Cuirs Le Barbu, Lixing-lès-Rouhling



Craftride (Motea), Wiehl

Alex Leather Craft (Custom solo seats, saddlebags, tool roll/bag)

Wunderlich "Mammut" retro-tank bag

Wunderlich tank bagWunderlich tank bag

 Pic: Wunderlich "Mammut" tank bag


The classic Harro Elefantenboy 407/416 tank bag is back, available from Rennweste or BMW-Bayer

Harro Elefantenboy 407 from rennweste.deHarro Elefantenboy 407 from rennweste.de

Pic: Harro Elefantenboy 407



CustomZ Spain (Saddlebags for Guzzi V7 I-III, V9)

La Poderosa Goods (Soft saddlebags with carriers/support and racks & tank bags and rear bags for Guzzi V7, V9, V85)



Kriega (Saddlebags, adventure & tt-bags)


Suspension / rear shocks:

Bitubo, Italy

EMC Shocks, France

Fournales Suspension, France

Hagon Shocks, England

Ikon Shocks (part of Koni shocks group), the Netherlands

Matris Dampers, Italy

Oehlins Shock Absorbers, Germany

Oram Sospensioni / Oram Ammortizzatori / Oram Shock Absorbers, Italy

Shock Factory, France

Wilbers Performance Suspension, Germany


Distribution Europe: stein-dinsegutsibits

Distribution USA: guzzitech


Special rear shocks (big body) for Guzzi V9:

Baak Motocyclettes, Lyon


Suspension / rear shock conversion and service for Oehlins and Marzocci:


HPC Power (Hertrampf Performance Center), Nordhorn


Service, revision and fine-tuning of shocks and forks for all brands: 

Oram Sospensioni / Oram Ammortizzatori / Oram Shock Absorbers, Italy (Guzzi V85, Norge, V7, V9)


Footrest kits for Guzzi V7, V85  --> for other Guzzi models with specific footpeg lowering kits see column on the right


SW-Motech --> Guzzi V85 TT, Model ION (Standard mounting or lowered (15mm) / EVO (36 mounting varations)



Rizoma --> Guzzi V85 TT, Model Extreme / Snake / Urban Protocol



Pivot Pegz --> Guzzi V85 TT


Chromed filler cap for V7:




Instruments / custom gauges (oil temperature):




Germany & Europe:


motogadget, Berlin

Motosens Instrumente, Bremen


Special Guzzi products:

Agostini, Mandello

Stucchi Luigi, Mandello del Lario

Rear racks by Stucchi Luigi

Simonelli Moto, San Benedetto del Tronto

Officine08, Pietrasanta



Performance parts: 

Radical Guzzi - Guzziladen Stefan, Schwarzenfeld 

(Muffler, H-pipes, pipes, custom parts, digital-ignition, big-bore-kit etc) --> Shop



Performance parts:

GTMotoCycles, Orange & Malibu, CA

(Muffler, H-pipes, pipes, big-bore kit Guzzi V7 II-III) --> Shop


Stuff & accessories for your Guzzi:


GTMotoCycles, Orange & Malibu, CA --> Shop


Motorcycle gear/clothes:








Modeka --> Recommendation: Touring suit "Modeka Viper LT"


Custom leather suits / racing suits:

Jungkopf Motorsport



Area Moto



Valeri Sport



Legend Motors Lille







Fowlers Moto Guzzi, Bristol

Oxford Products, Witney



Aerostich, Duluth, MN




Torc Helmets


Camping / outdoor gear for bikers:


Highsider motorcycle cover outdoor xxl

Lone Rider

Vaude outdoor equipment



Goose - Wingman of the Road (tent)

Aerostich, Duluth, MN




Darche --> Darche - Swag-tents for bikers

Distribution: Wild Earth 

OZTtrail --> OZtrail - Swag-tents for bikers

Guzzi Griso 1200 8V custom by Chris ZamaraGuzzi Griso 1200 8V custom by Chris Zamara 


Guzzi Griso 1200 8V custom by Chris ZamaraGuzzi Griso 1200 8V custom by Chris Zamara

Pics: Guzzi Griso 1200 8V Custom by Chris Zamara, CA

Modifications: Tail tidy, Corbin seat, removed rear peg brackets, Mistral pipe, bullet rear turning signals, LED front turn signals, Koso Thunderbolt LED headlight, Dart windscreen, black powder coated frame, Moto Gadget glassless bar end mirrors 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Guzzi Griso fairing made by Parabellum Ltd., USA:

Guzzi Griso with Parabellum fairingGuzzi Griso with Parabellum fairing

Pic: Parabellum "Scout" cockpit fairing for Guzzi Griso

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Guzzi decals:
- Custom Guzzi decals:


Mark Anstey Prints --> Custom Guzzi V85 - vinyl stickers

2016 Aprilia Capanord Rally mudguard in carbon look with Guzzi-vinyl-stickers from Mark Anstey Prints - Guzzi V852016 Aprilia Capanord Rally mudguard in carbon look with Guzzi-vinyl-stickers from Mark Anstey Prints - Guzzi V85


- Moto Guzzi decals & stickers: 


Motofornitura Valassi, Mandello del Lario

Guzzi decals and stickers for fuel tank, side covers, fairings and patches for: Guzzi V7 Special, V7 Sport, 850 GT California, 1000SP NT, 850-T5, Cali II, Nuove Falcone, V35-V65, V700, Ambassador, Eldorado, California 850, Le Mans II-IV, Superalce, Galletto, Lodola, Stornello



Moto Guzzi decals from John Prusnek for Guzzi V700, Ambassador, Eldorado, California 850


Onboard information tools:


gimpogarageMultifunction display Periscope B.1 for Guzzi Stelvio

Mulitifunctional display Pericope B.1 by gimpogarage - Guzzi StelvioMulitifunctional display Pericope B.1 by gimpogarage - Guzzi Stelvio

The Periscope B.1 by gimpogarage features:
Graphical speedometer, engaged gear and engine temperature, engine rpm, speed, voltmeter, TPS reading & reset, diagnostic faults, gear statistics, spot LED-light, +12 volt additional power plug


Moto Guzzi spare & new keys:





Basildon Locksmiths, Basildon


The Netherlands: 

Carmo Electronics, Helmond --> for lost Guzzi keys


Heated grips and handguards:

Germany & Europe:


Louis (Saito, Koso)

Review Koso Apollo, Link: Koso Apollo

Cool Ride grip heating systems (internally mounted heated cartridges)



Oxford Products, Witney --> Oxford Hotgrips "Retro"

Symtec Heat Demon from Winding Roads --> Heated grip kit - metal toggle switch; main page: Symtec Heat Demon



Barkbusters Handguards, New South Wales


Handguards for Guzzi Norge:  

Acerbis Dual Road Handguards

Acerbis Dual Road Handguards for Guzzi NorgeAcerbis Dual Road Handguards for Guzzi Norge


Handlebar raiser for Guzzi Breva/Stelvio/Norge:




Handlebar, grips, throttle controls, levers, throttle cables, throttle tubes, electric switches, lever assembly


Domino-group (domino & Tommaselli) for Le Tonti-Guzzis


for electric handlebar switches: 

OEM-electric switches for 1990s-Guzzis (SP III, Le Mans V, 1000S, Cali III)


Paolo & Franco Tarozzi, Pianoro





Handlebars (Super bike, Street, Flat Track, Tracker, Scrambler) / grips / gaiters / side covers for Guzzi V7, V9, Bellagio, Griso: 



TRW Lucas Moto



Baak Motocyclettes, Lyon



Paolo & Franco Tarozzi, Pianoro


Footrest-/ Footrest-lowering-kits:



MV Motorrad-Technik




Paolo & Franco Tarozzi, Pianoro



Motobits (Footpeg relocator kit for Guzzi V11 & V11 Le Mans)

Knight DesignKnight Design - all Guzzis

Kuryakyn (Honda Goldwing foot pegs for Carc-Guzzis)


Touring-windshield / screen / bikini-cockpit fairing / fairing / racing fairing:


Air Tech Streamlining by Kent Riches (windshields and lowers for Guzzi Cali)

Burly Brand (HD fairings for Guzzi)

dartflyscreen,  US-website (Guzzi V7, V9, Griso)

California Scientifi (Calsci) (Windshields for Guzzi Norge/Stelvio)

GIVI.CA by Importations Thibault Ltd.

Gustaffson Plastics - Custom Motorcycle Windscreens  (Guzzi Le Mans I-IV, V10 Centauro, V11, Norge, V7 Police & Eldorado, Cali III, Cali Vintage, Stelvio, SP (Spada, Griso, Daytona, Magni, V50)

HarperMotoGuzzi Windshields (for Guzzi Quota, Cali)

MadStad Engineering (Adjustable windshield with brackets for Guzzi V85) --> Reseller for Europe: BikeHPS.com

National Cycle (Windshields for all Guzzis)

Parabellum Ltd. ("Scout" cockpit fairing for Guzzi Griso)

Rifle Motorcycle Windshields (for 1995-2009 Guzzi California)

Rifle Motorcycle Fairings (for Guzzi Breva 750, Breva B11/12 and Tonti-Guzzis)

Slipstreamer --> Slipstreamer SS-28 Sport Fairing for Guzzi Griso/Breva 1100

Guzzi Griso with Slipstreamer SS-28 tinted screenGuzzi Griso with Slipstreamer SS-28 tinted screen



dartflyscreen,  EU-website (Guzzi V7, V9, Griso)

Secdem, Le Mesnil-Amelot (Guzzi Quota, Centauro, V11, Guzzi EV 1100, Norge 2V/8V, Sport 4V/8V, Stelvio)



dartflyscreen,  eu-website (Guzzi V7, V9, Griso)

Puig (Windshields for Guzzi Breva 750, Breva 1100/1200)

Puig windshield, model WI, dark, for Guzzi V7



dartflyscreens, UK - website (Guzzi V7, V9, Griso)

gutsibits (Marlin Dart Flyscreens for Guzzi V7, V9)

Skidmarx (Screens for Breva 750, Norge, Le Mans)

Pyramid Plastics (Screens & deflectors from Raptor and Puig)



Biondi, Sesto Fiorentino

dartflyscreen,  EU-website (Guzzi V7, V9, Griso)

Fabbri Accessori, Castel Guelfo


Givi A800 N & Guzzi V7 IIIGivi A800 N & Guzzi V7 III

 Pic: Fairing Givi A800 N (dimensions: link) & Guzzi V7 III





Stucchi Luigi, Mandello del Lario (V7, Sport 1100, V11)

Valpolini, Mandello del Lario



dartflyscreen,  EU-website (Guzzi V7, V9, Griso)

Gawa-Guzzi (V7 Racer, V11, Quota, Cali, V7, Le Mans)

motea - Cafe-Racer Vintage cockpit fairing, style BMW R 90S, for Guzzi V7/V9


MV Motorrad-Technik (Spoiler for windshields, accessories for navigation products & more)

RS Motorcycle Solutions for Isotta-products (windshields)

Seby-Poly by Albert Bruns, Aachen --> Cockpit fairing for Guzzi Le Mans I, 1000 SP (Spada) & Guzzi T4, cockpit fairing "Tourisme" for Guzzi V35 - V75; "Stucchi" & "Agostini" - full fairing by Seby for Moto Guzzi V7 Sport & Le Mans; BOT-half fairing by Seby for Moto Guzzi V7 & Le Mans; screens/windshield for Guzzi Le Mans I, Spada


Wunderlich-cockpit fairing "Daytona R nineT" , for Guzzi V7/V9


The Netherlands:

TLM Moto Guzzi



dartflyscreen,  AUS-website (Guzzi V7, V9, Griso)

Motociclo (Le Mans I style fairing for Guzzi V7)



EMGO Aftermarket Replacement Parts, Taipei



Samurider (Chic design windshields & fairings for Guzzi V7)

Webike (Chic design fairing & more for Guzzi Breva & Guzzi V7)


Wind deflectors / top spoilers for windshields and fairings:


MV Motorrad-Technik

MRA --> see also polo-motorrad.com, Louis.eu






Puig --> see also Louis.eu, Amazon.com



Laminar LLC


- other spoiler manufacturers on Amazon.com: Kesoto, Justech, Tourtecs


Rear huggers / front mudguard / mudguard extension for Guzzi Breva, Griso, Norge, Sport 1200, Stelvio, V7 Classic/Cafe, V7 III, V9, V85:


Skidmarx (Hugger made of glass-reinforced plastic or of carbon-fibre cf for Guzzi CARC-models)

Pyramid Plastics (Guzzi Breva/Norge/Sport, Guzzi V85, V9)



Pogliani (Guzzi V85)


Tire repair kits:




Tire tubeless transformation for spoked wheels:

Bart TubelessBart Tubeless


Bart Tubeless, HQ & factory, Prado: Tubeless transformation bundles and complete wheel sets



- Bart Tubeless: Seurat Puissance 3, Savigny-lès-Beaune



- Bart Tubeless: TP Offroad, Paterna



- Bart Tubeless: Central Wheel Components, Coleshill

- Bart Tubeless: Rally-Raid Products, Wollaston


Cylinder head guards:




Crash bars & rear racks:


Hepco-Becker (Guzzi Breva 750, Nevada, V7 Classic, V7 II, V7 III, V9, V85, Cali EV 1100, Cali 1400/Audace/Eldorado, Breva 1100/1200, Bellagio, Griso, Stelvio, Quota)



Givi (Guzzi V7 III, Guzzi V9, Guzzi V85)

Isotta (Guzzi V7, Guzzi V85)

Stucchi Luigi, Mandello (Stucchi-made crash bars for Guzzi V7 850, V9, Breva 1200, 1200, Convert, Nevada Club/Classic. Moto Guzzi Norge --> out of production), link to pics from guzzitech


Czech Republic:

RDmoto, Lukavice --> These crash bars are made by RTmoto for Guzzi Breva 750, Guzzi V7 750 II, Stelvio.

The crash bars offer a very good protection, are very well made and are fairly priced. 

Please note that the crash bars are also offered on ebay - so it's recommended to use this platform as it's easier and faster to handle the purchase process.  



SEBA, Belgrad (Moto Guzzi Norge/Stelvio --> more info on the "Crash bars SEBA" - facebook-page: Seba-fb-link, Seba-fb-pics Norge;  only made on request)



renntec, Wimborne (bars & racks for Guzzi V7 Classic)


Moto Guzzi Customizing:


Moto Guzzi Garage by Moto Guzzi, Mandello



Baak Motocyclettes, Lyon (V7, V9, Bellagio, Griso)


Cafe racer accessories for Guzzi V7:


Caferace, Corato

Classic / cafe racer conversion for Tonti-Guzzis - half-fairing / windshield / fuel tank / seat / fender / side covers made of fiberglass/gfk:


Le Mans I - fairing with/without screen:

gutsibits Le Mans I - fairing with screengutsibits Le Mans I - fairing with screen

 Pic: gutsibits Le Mans I - fairing with screen 


Available from these manufacturers/resellers:


Italo-Moto-TecLM I - fairing with screenLM I - faring without screen

Ricambi WeissLM I - Schale with screenLM I - faringLM I - screen

Seby-Poly by Albert Bruns, Aachen --> Cockpit fairing for Guzzi Le Mans I, 1000 SP (Spada) & Guzzi T4, cockpit fairing "Tourisme" for Guzzi V35 - V75; "Stucchi" & "Agostini" - full fairing by Seby for Moto Guzzi V7 Sport & Le Mans; BOT-half fairing by Seby for Moto Guzzi V7 & Le Mans; side covers for Guzzi V7 Sport & Le Mans; fenders for Guzzi Le Mans I & Guzzi Roadster; Imola-seat bench for Guzzi; screens/windshield for  Guzzi Le Mans I, Spada; aluminium fuel tank for Guzzi by Seby: Classic, Super Classic, Monza, Alpin, Touring



gutsibitsReplica-LM I - faring with/without screen

Guzzi V7 III Carbon with Le Mans I - fairingGuzzi V7 III Carbon with Le Mans I - fairing

Pics: Guzzi V7 III Carbon with Le Mans I - fairing



Air Tech Streamlining by Kent Riches, Vista, CA -->

- Fairing for Guzzi Le Mans I-IV, chin scoop, Mille GT side covers, Knoscher cafe half fairing, Magni half & competition fairing

- Fairing for Guzzi 1100 Sport ('95-'00)

- Fairing for Ghezzi Brian Supertwin

Air Tech Streamlining - Knoscher K2 cafe half fairing & GuzziAir Tech Streamlining - Knoscher K2 cafe half fairing & Guzzi  



Omega Racer 

Omega Racer fairing & GuzziOmega Racer fairing & Guzzi



Fairings manufacturers:


Seby-Poly by Albert Bruns, Aachen --> Cockpit fairing for Guzzi Le Mans I, 1000 SP (Spada) & Guzzi T4, cockpit fairing "Tourisme" for Guzzi V35 - V75; "Stucchi" & "Agostini" - full fairing by Seby für Moto Guzzi V7 Sport & Le Mans; BOT-half fairing by Seby for Moto Guzzi V7 & Le Mans; side covers for Guzzi V7 Sport & Le Mans; fenders for Guzzi Le Mans I & Guzzi Roadster; Imola-seat bench for Guzzi; screens/windshield for  Guzzi Le Mans I, Spada; aluminium fuel tank for Guzzi by Seby: Classic, Super Classic, Monza, Alpin, Touring ; HTM-Guzzi & Seby cooperation



Magni, Mandello --> Fairing kit for Guzzi V11

Magni Guzzi V11Magni Guzzi V11


Valpolini, Mandello --> Fairings & side covers for Loop-frame and Tonti-frame Guzzis

Valoplini fairing Guzzi V7 - V7 850 CaliValoplini fairing Guzzi V7 - V7 850 Cali  Valpolini side cover Guzzi V7 Special - 850 CaliValpolini side cover Guzzi V7 Special - 850 Cali


CafeSportLab, Sora --> Guzzi Le Mans I - kit

Guzzi-images by CafeSportLab

Cafesportslab - Guzzi Le Mans I - kitCafesportslab - Guzzi Le Mans I - kit



Sprint Manufacturing, Nr Warminster  --> Fairings for Tonti-frame Guzzis

Sprint fairings for Guzzi Le MansSprint fairings for Guzzi Le Mans   Sprint fairings for Tonti-frame GuzzisSprint fairings for Tonti-frame Guzzis


Czech Republic: 

Moto Forza, Troubsko --> Fairings, fuel tank, seat & screens for Guzzi Universal, Le Mans I-III, V50/V65, V11 Le Mans

Moto Forza fairing Guzzi LM I-IIIMoto Forza fairing Guzzi LM I-III   Moto Forza half-fairing Guzzi V11 Le MansMoto Forza half-fairing Guzzi V11 Le Mans



Carbongastank by Slobodan Vukomanovic --> Carbon fiber or fiber glass fairing & Guzzi V7 Sport fuel tank

carbongastank by Slobodan Vukomanovic - Guzzi V7 Sportcarbongastank by Slobodan Vukomanovic - Guzzi V7 Sport  carbongastank by Slobodan Vukomanovic - Laverda Sulzbacher 1200 SCcarbongastank by Slobodan Vukomanovic - Laverda Sulzbacher 1200 SC

Seats / saddle / bench upholstery:

Czech Republic:

DDT Custom seats, Mohelno



Auf-Mass, Praz

Autosellerie Steve Droz, Davesco

Hollinger, Seon

Motorradsattlerei René Wenger, Aeugstertal

Sattlerei & Ideenwerkstatt Hlawatsch-Keil, Täuffelen



Sitzbank-Schmiede, Darmstadt

Sitzbankbezieher.de, Solingen

Gawa-Guzzi for all Guzzi models


Bagster-seats: LouisBagsterworld  



Cuir Concept - Alain & Valérie Francq, Leernes


The Netherlands:

TLM Moto Guzzi



Custom Seats, Hinckley

Else Made, Cambs


Motorcycle Seatworks, Bradford (contact: Damon)

P & P Seating Ltd, Birmingham



Baak Motocyclettes, Lyon (V7)


Berry Sellerie, Le Poinconnet 

Macadam Sellerie, Saint-Leu-la-Forêt

Sellerie Moillo, Décines-Charpieu

Sellerie TJL, Marseille

Top Sellerie, Paris



Lolo Pámanes Asientos - Moto, Pamanes

Tapiceria de la moto Marquez, Sevilla



Max Cuio, San Gillio

Teknoselle, Rome

Southgarage, Milano

SelleMotoInPelle, Seregno

Selleria Verona, Verona

SR Sellerie



Astech Seats by Pat Mitchell, Marion, IN

Bitch Stitchn Inc., Lakewood, CO

Burley Biker's Custom Upholstery

Corbin, Hollister, CA

Russell Day-Long Touring Saddles, Shasta Lake, CA

Mr Ed's Moto, Albany, OR

New Church Moto, Bandon, OR

Sargent Seats, Jacksonville, FL

Spencers Motorcycle Seat Mods, Port St. Lucie, FL

The Seat Guy - John Revilla, St. Charles, IL

Terry's Custom Seats, Manchester, TN



Luimoto, Vancouver

Luimoto Europe



Ergo Motorcycle Seat by John Mooshouse


Seat cover & cushion:


Cool Covers





The Netherlands:

Tournics Adventure Riding, Amsterdam



Micro Air Seat Covers from Micro DOT Helmet Co. / Micro Air Seat Covers from Micro Lid, Alvarado, TX

Wind Rider Seat Covers, Burton, MI


South Africa:

Air Flow Seat Cover, Cape Town


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